Engineering Consulting Services
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

About Us

SAGA Engineering is a well established Edmonton based professional engineers company. We provide comprehensive geotechnical feasibility site investigations for the planning, design, construction and operation of civil engineering and energy resource sector projects. Our engineers are experienced and skilled in all foundation types and can develop innovative solutions where needed.

Our team of professional engineers, technologists and technicians represent a broad cross- section of experience in geotechnical, energy and transportation sectors including; construction, mining, pavement, highway and tunnels.


SAGA Engineering will continue to be leaders in engineering consulting by providing excellence in all aspects of engineering projects and customer care


SAGA Engineering will provide excellence in engineering through leadership, ethical practice and commitments to the client and the community. We will provide quality engineering services, exceeding all standards. In addition, we are dedicated to building a long-lasting relationship with our clients, ensuring speed, accuracy and reliability.

SAGA Engineering is a flexible and dynamic business always adapting to the constantly evolving industry, utilizing leading edge technology to ensure our clients get the best results.

SAGA Engineering is dedicated to vibrant communities. We will strive to be an important contributor to our communities through our engineering and customer care practices. Adhering to our industry’s strong code of ethics, we will work to find solutions that are acceptable to the public interest.

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