Engineering Consulting Services
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Material Testing

SAGA Engineering takes pride in its engineers and technicians, with state of the art labs to compliment. All of our concrete testers are ACI certified and our geotechnologists experts in their field. Our services include:

  • Concrete testing (slump, air, density, compressive & flexural strength)
  • In situ densities of engineered back fill using nuclear densometers
  • Pile & pier foundations inspection
  • Coring (asphalt & concrete)
  • Laboratory testing of soil, rock & groundwater
  • Soil (SPT) borings - land & water (various depths)
  • Installation of monitoring wells
  • Grout/seal bore holes
  • Obtaining soil & ground water samples in excess of 100 Feet
  • Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP) test
  • Undisturbed Shelby tube sampling
  • Utilities, test pits
  • The skid resistance of all classes of roads and pavement types using the GripTester

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