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Dynamic analysis and design of machine foundations

Installation of vibrating machines, such as engines or vacuum pumps, requires a proper and firm foundation. Inadequately designed and constructed foundations may result in equipment failures, cracks in floorings and walls, and, costly shutdowns. Until recent years, the importance of machine foundation design was not recognized. Many engineers relied on machine vendor drawings to provide appropriate foundation specifications. However, the generic specs and drawings supplied by the vendor are generally based on good, dry and firm soil conditions and often fail to account for the unbalanced forces of the machine. In adverse soil conditions, precautions must be taken to prevent vibrations and maximize safety.

When it comes to machine foundation design, it is crucial to observe site conditions (especially soil type) and take the necessary steps to ensure tailored-to-task foundation. An in-depth geotechnical investigation is essential to the successful construction of machine foundations. SAGA Engineering’s team of experienced geotechnical and structural engineers can help you ensure the safety and stability of machines.

SAGA Engineering provides:

  • Dynamic analysis & design of machine foundations
  • Estimation of soil dynamic parameters
  • Foundation isolation solutions for equipment & machines

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